Garden Cabin: Create the Perfect Garden Room Bar

Like many homeowners, you may have dreamed of having your own personal pub or bar where you can enjoy a pint without leaving home.

 Garden rooms have become really popular in recent years, because it gives homeowners an extension to their living spaces without the need for a complete home renovation.

Even though garden rooms serve many purposes, one of the most exciting uses is turning it into a bespoke garden bar.

Here is a walkthrough on how you can create your own private pub paradise.

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What is a Garden Cabins Bar?

An outdoor bar essentially entails converting all or part of your backyard garden room into a fully functional home bar or pub space.

Unlike a musty old garden shed crammed with tools, a garden room is specifically designed as a comfortable, insulated extension of your living area that can be customized in countless ways. Adding features like a counter, beer taps, bar stools, neon signs and the like transforms it into an amazing private retreat for responsibly enjoying drinks on demand right at home.

The Many Benefits of a Garden Cabins

  • MultiPurpose Space: It easily doubles as a rec room, lounge area or man cave when you are not using it to entertain guests.
  • Added Home Value: A well-designed garden room can add value to your property.
  • It’s not just an aesthetic addition but a functional one.
  • Ultimate Convenience: No need to drag everyone to the crowded local bar. The drinks and good times are right outside!
  • Personalized Style: You can choose to go all-out by decorating it with pub signs, neon lights, sports memorabilia and a custom tap list to showcase your personality.
  • Year-Round Enjoyment: Most garden rooms are insulated, allowing for all year round use, even in colder months. For instance, the insulation can allow you to host football watch parties and other fun even in colder months.

Potential Challenges to Consider for Your Garden Pub

Of course, as with any major project, there were some challenges to tackle:

  • Significant Upfront Investment: Between construction costs and buying all the furnishings, trims and appliances, it required a chunk of change upfront.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Keeping a frequented bar space clean and well-maintained definitely requires some elbow grease.
  • Space Requirements: First you need to assess if you truly have room to spare in your modestly sized yard. Not everyone has the luxury of space in their garden for a garden room.
  • Licensing Restrictions: You can opt not to try to get an actual liquor license to keep it simple for personal use only.

Key Planning Recommendations

If you’re inspired to create your own outdoor garden cabins, here are top tips:

  • Decide on your primary vision and purpose for the space. More than just drinks, or a multipurpose hangout zone?
  • Carefully measure your outdoor footprint to ensure you have room to spare for the building and surrounding activity space.
  • Set a budget ahead of time including furnishings like bar stools and drink fridges add up fast!
  • Ensure the structure is well-insulated if you plan to host gatherings all year round.
  • Incorporate an aesthetically pleasing design that complements your home’s architecture and garden design.
  • Factor in any electrical, plumbing or other needed utilities for serious entertaining.

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Finally, a garden room bar is a wonderful addition to any home because it offers both functiona

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