A Quick Guide For Cleaning Every Year

Every year, furniture cushions should be thoroughly checked for any issues and then conditioned. We will now look at a couple of steps that you should undertake for yearly cleaning as well as more frequently cleaning on a weekly and monthly basis.

Check Furniture For Issues

Once the cushions have been taken out from the furniture, check for any broken or damaged areas on the furniture. If they have been outside, you should also ensure that they don’t have any mildew or mold. This typically starts growing on the legs.

Get Rid Of Mildew And Mold

If you do notice mildew on the furniture, then you’ll need to create a solution of bleach and water to clean it. Make sure that you mix equal parts of water and bleach and use a cloth to spread the solution on the affected area. You should wear gloves when doing so to protect your hands. Avoid completely soaking the furniture and once complete, allow it to dry in the sun asap.


Once you have gotten rid of the mildew as well as gotten rid of stains and dust, you will have to let the rattan dry. Next, you’ll have to get boiled linseed oil and a soft cloth to apply the oil to the rattan for conditioning.

When applying the oil, work from the top down to ensure that there is no dripping. The oil will help to strengthen the rattan and ensure it doesn’t break. Once complete, allow the piece to dry for a minimum of 48 hours and then return the cushions.

Boiled Linseed Oil

This oil should be used as oppose to typical linseed oil due to the fact that it dries much faster. You can purchase boiled linseed oil in most hardwares or home improvement sores.

How To Ensure Your Furniture Remains Clean For Longer Periods

Avoid dragging the furniture on the floor. Instead, simply lift the furniture on both sides and move it. This will help reduce stress on the fibers.
In order to reduce splitting and normal wear and tear, use felt pads or rubber caps and place beneath each leg.
Don’t place furniture in areas where there is high or low humidity.
If the furniture is exposed to the sun, occasionally rotate it so that the sun doesn’t make the furniture fade unevenly.
To prevent the furniture from sagging, use upholstered cushions.