Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture has been quite popular as a décor for outdoor patio furniture in Ireland. It’s beautiful, classic, and adds aesthetic or vintage vibes which made it very popular as an outdoor garden décor, despite the price. It may be a little bit higher price than the other garden furniture, but it’s the best option!

But don’t worry it’s not the price that makes your furniture an exquisite look, because now there’s a cheap garden furniture set that does not compromise the quality for your spaces. The price for these outdoor summer sets can complete your home.

In this article we will answer a range of questions about rattan as a outdoor family area in Ireland, as well as the advantages and disadvantages for these sets for your home! Make sure you subscribe to keep up to date.

Why rattan garden furniture?

Having rattan garden sets has a range of advantages, first it makes your space looks elegant, price, stylish and different than the others! Second, it is easy to maintain, unlike wood material type furniture you don’t need to use expensive wood cleaner.

You just have to use a soft wash cloth and a detergent; and gently wipe the surface of your set or you can also use brush to in order get on the small nooks or spaces of the quality garden furniture.

Last but not the least, it is weatherproof! Yes, weather proof. May it be sun, rain, or snow the material is strong! This make it totally worth the price.

Is rattan a best patio furniture for the price?

Yes, because it is durable, classy, stylish, light, and the price. It could be a great touch and addition to your patio furniture and you might enjoy the longevity of your outdoor garden furniture, it may also last up to the next generation if it was maintained properly.

The furniture is not just good for seating but it may also look good inside the house for the price. It can be place at the living room, sofa, dining chairs, bathroom you just have to search for the right sets of garden furniture for each room.

Is rattan garden furniture great for outdoors?

Rattan furniture can withstand prolonged exposure to the summer sun without damage, which makes it the best for the price. It’s made made with the best material for seating space.

However, if you would like to put it out outside; it might be a sofa, chair or a table sets you just have to be mindful that maybe it can withstand any temperature you would not let it be soaked by rain water.

As we all know any thing that is left longer in water, there’s a slight chance that it can be damaged. Some of the sets have a glass tabletop and other options.

Do I need to cover the rattan when it rains?

Rain will not damage your rattan chair if you cover it with waterproof cushions. If you don’t have waterproof cushions and you’re not that comfortable leaving it under the rain then you can use plastic to cover it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rattan Garden Furniture


Rattan is an Eco-Friendly Products

If you are looking for an environment friendly items or outdoor products to add or style your patio, then the search is over!

Because it’s 2021 and with the help of technology, the manufacturer don’t need to cut down the whole tree in order to get the materials but instead they only cut down small vines because it’s easy, and the vines can grow back quickly.

It is versatile

Rattan as a furniture is indeed versatile. You can see this normally at the garden or patio, but it can also be inside the house; it can be a chair, table, cabinet or any other products that can be seen inside the house. The usual color of rattan is brown, but it can also black or white if you want.

Strong and durable

You would still see furniture from the 1950s, right? Your grandparents probably bought the outdoor furniture they use on their balcony when they were in their 70s or 80s. In fact, this furniture has remained in remarkable shape, even after years of heavy use. A good demonstration of how sturdy the furniture can be, especially for the price.


New trends/designs every year

We all know that every year there’s a new trends, and people tend to go with it so it’s hard to keep up. Despite its resiliency, be sure to take this into consideration that if you want to purchase, there will be another trend in the next 5 years at an expensive price.

Many individuals toss or sell their Rattan chairs and dining tables because their styles have progressed. The new trends seems to be going up in price too.

It loosens

Eventually, the furniture will start to wear as the weave loosens. Though it is structurally sound, less likely it might need repairs. Time will naturally wear down the thin, bendable nature of rattan, requiring further repairs and freeing more fibers.

Comfort Level

It is often less comfy than other rattan. Of course, that is also the case with most wooden appliances. Comfortable cushions would be a best option for you at a cheap price!

We all knew that you won’t find naturally-woven rattan chain that is actually comfy without adding foam cushions, but make sure to find a shop that offers extra like cushion, or pillow.

How to order rattan furniture?

When purchasing from an online store, you don’t have to worry about finding a cheaper price, a larger range of stock and the business hours. On line stores are even open on Sunday. Customer satisfaction for online businesses are extremely important. They will guarantee your satisfaction so just contact them with questions.

Create or set-up an email

In order to buy chair or any garden materials you should create an email, and sign up to any store to create an account and password. You can also subscribe too!

Search, Choose and Review

You can search any available designs, outdoor materials such as a sofa, chairs, dining tables with a 4 to 6 seating capacity available in the category. Make sure you use a filter to guarantee you find the right style, price, and delivery in the shop.

You have a lot of options for your selection, from black to white and price. A storage box, chairs, tables, and even a glass coffee table with a touch of rattan material, but of course the price vary.

Decide when is the best time to buy or check out

After choosing your chosen item, design, and style. You might want to proceed, but before that decide if it’s really the one you are looking for. You can check for free shipping too.

Place an order

If you are placing an order online you will be directed to a page where they will offer an additional items that are related to your purchase, so double check your basket. Make sure you check the price and delivery options for your selection. Add your payment and address, then wait for the shipment. Once it arrives at your address you can sit outdoors and enjoy the weather!

However, when you are at a physical store you can also experience the same, you will be offered for an additional items or you can get a great deals! There are a lot more options when you purchase from an online store and some places have free delivery for a cheaper price.


Rattan is a great furniture set for most places, especially in Dublin. As stated above, it is durable, light-weight, elegant, and can last a long period of time. It’s the number one garden patio set, it won’t take a big space at your place, plus it can be placed outdoor or indoors for your home or living spaces.

Don’t forget that with rattan garden furniture, you have a lot of options to choose from for your home. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages and make your decision, whether to buy one or not. And it looks great with a lot of plants. We think this seating is the best set for your space for dining or simply just décor. The prices available make this the best option. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and enjoy our view on your outdoor living space.