What Sort Of Rattan Set Should I Buy?

Are you sitting on a metaphorical fence wondering what kind of rattan set you should get for your patio or garden? You’re not alone. Creating a gorgeous, comfortable, and functional garden or patio can be tricky because purpose often trumps style, but it doesn’t mean it should.

Whether you have a patio, large backyard, pool, or just a small front yard garden, the key to choosing a rattan set is to find pieces that flow stylistically with the interior and will be durable to withstand the elements. Check out our buying guide to make your choice a little simpler.

Small Space, But stylish?

If you are looking to get pieces on the smaller side without breaking the bank, we recommend choosing one of our rattan sofa sets. They are super light, durable, fit easily into most spaces, and are lower in our price ranges.

Not one to compromise on style? The mixed grey colors in our collection look great and are guaranteed to keep the style up! Check out our Algarve 4-seater sofa set that comes with mixed grey dark cushions and and a coffee set(L), and our Mixed Grey Roma 4-seater set with light cushions and a coffee table(R).

white and black woven textile

Suitable For Family With Young kids

Finding Furniture pieces that suit a young family has never been easier! Our collection comprises a range of rattan sets that are ideal for families to sit and gather around for weekend BBQ’S. Our favorites would be the Malibu and Milano sets; however, it would be best to look at everything available; these two just edge it.

The Milano set (L) comes with elegant armchairs, which we find perfect for kids. You can eat and enjoy drinks in peace knowing that the young ones are secure with the arms around them. Of course, as relaxing as our sets are, please don’t take your eyes off them completely.

The Malibu 10-seater dining set with a bench (R) is an excellent option for getting everyone in the family and guests a seat around the table. If you have kids, then you know of those hot summer holidays when the children have all their friends over. The Malibu set will easily accommodate everyone, and the bench has sufficient space for a fair number of your guests so that no one will feel left out!

Other Benefits of Rattan

Call us biased, but we could go all day singing the praises of Rattan Outdoor furniture! But to make sure you get a clear picture of what all the hype is all about, here’s a list:

  • Comfort

Regardless of how stylish or trendy a piece of furniture is, if it can’t provide hours of maximum comfort while relaxing or kicking back to wind down while you scroll through your fav social network, or catch a breathtaking sunset, then you definitely don’t want it!

Rattan offers unrivaled comfort with great support and very slight yield. Complimented perfectly by the thick but cozy weatherproof cushions, you can rest assured hours will pass by quickly without your knowledge in the comfort of a rattan set.

  • Light-Weight & Durable

The thought of moving a whole corner sofa set, let alone a dining set in the backyard, is enough to make anyone sweat. But with rattan, things are pretty different. Rattan garden furniture pieces are lightweight and have durable frames surrounded by PE rattan which are easy to move about whenever you fancy a new look!

  • Weatherproof

Regardless of the weather you get in your region, you can rest assured rattan pieces will withstand the elements. That’s the magic of rattan! They are 100% weatherproof, and whether it rains cats and dogs the next day, your rattan pieces will be fine. And for summer months with intense heat, outdoor furniture made from rattan are also resistant to UV rays.

Keep in mind that while your rattan garden furniture can withstand the elements, the same cannot be said for your cushions, so maybe move them indoors when they’re not in use.

  • Easy to maintain

Rattan outdoor furniture pieces are easy to clean and maintain; you don’t need any costly steel or wood cleaner to keep your furniture clean – just using a soft washcloth and hot dishwashing soap water will suffice. For hard-to-reach spaces, such as spaces between weaves, a toothbrush is enough to get the job done. But other than that, you’re done.

  • Suitable To For Any Style

Whether you consider yourself as sophisticated or modern, or maybe you’re a part of Mrs. Hich’s army, whichever you style, you can dress your rattan pieces to suit your specific style. With just a few cushions and blankets, you can transform the look and feel of the set and your garden!

The Rattan Trend And Why You Don’t Want To Miss Out!

If you’re here, the chances are you’re considering getting furniture made from rattan for your patio or garden, or you’re wondering why everyone has a set, and you don’t.

Recently, rattan sets have become quite popular, and everyone seems to want them in their outdoor spaces. Perhaps the recent spike in popularity could be because of the current climate of restricted access to social events, but regardless of the reason, it doesn’t mean that this new trend is not here to stay. Gardens are slowly becoming the second living room to many people’s homes, especially with first-time buyers.

Rattan sofa sets are weather-resistant, lightweight, durable, and very affordable if you shop in the right place.

When shopping for furniture made from rattan , you may refer to the style as Wiker, which is not wrong per se since wicker and rattan set pretty much refers to the same thing. However, for the sake of clarification, it would be helpful to know that wicker is the method of waving and rattan is the material used. Whatever name is used, there’s no denying that rattan pieces are a must-have in all outdoor spaces, and with so many functional and aesthetic benefits to these stylish staples, it’s easy to see why!

Many rattan outdoor furniture sets come with waterproof cushions for durability and comfort, but other than that, you have so much freedom to play around with the décor of the sets. You can use throws, blankets, fairy lights, or whatever suits your style to jazz it up. Furniture made from rattan comes in different colors, from brown rattan to grey and black rattan, so you can be sure you’ll find a set that matches your indoors and the rest of your garden decorations.

Rattan Vs. Wicker

To a novice, rattan and wicker are the same things; however, that’s not entirely true. The truth is there are a few differences between these two that sets them apart than you might think.

The most notable difference is that rattan is a type of material, while wicker refers to the style of weaving. That means that other than rattan materials, a wicker set can be woven from other materials – natural or synthetic – which is where the confusion lies.

So, the next time you go shopping for a new rattan set, be it a sofa or dining set, be careful with your phrasing to make sure you get what you’re looking for. A wicker piece or set might be weaved from synthetic material and not from rattan, so if you want furniture, stick to a place you know will give you precisely what you wish for… like us.