The Ultimate Guide To Buying Rattan Sets of Furniture

Considering some rattan items? Here’s a guide to buying a great set that will bring joy to your garden space.

What is Rattan?

Rattan furniture is made from natural plant vines that are woven to create durable and stylish patterns. Even though rattan is a rapidly growing, renewable resource, there’s also a synthetic version available.

We, at The Garden Furniture Shop, sell furniture made from this synthetic weave, as it has a higher durability in outdoor environments such as gardens, decks, and patios.

You don’t buy new garden furniture every year, so it’s in your best interest to pick the best rattan is available on the market. Our guide helps you to gain a batter understanding of what to look for when shopping around for this style of furniture and how to choose the style and the size that’s right for you. If you are already one of our customers, we thank you very much for your trust and we invite you to read our clean and care guide to learn how to make your furniture last for as long as possible.

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Main Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Rattan

The long-lasting frame and the solid weave made rattan garden furniture one of the most sought-after styles. Our rattan products are designed with durability in mind. We offer a wide range of products, in order to help you find the one that works best for you.

There are several things that make our furniture the best in our country. You’ll find all of them listed here, below. We take pride in working hard to offer our customers as many of these key features as possible. We know that rattan isn’t cheap, so we strive to ensure that your sets will last for a lifetime.

  1. Waterproof Rattan

Unlike wood or other natural materials, rattan can maintain its looks and its health without the need for oils, preservatives or other treatments. The only thing we recommend is that you cover your rattan with our shield covers to protect it from the elements. Should your urniture need cleaning, wipe it with a wet cloth or spray it with a garden hose to remove all dirt and to make your furniture look like new again. For best results, consider following our rattan clean and care guide. Check out our full guide on cleaning rattan here.

  1. UV Resistant

If you want to use your furniture in a conservatory or outdoors, make sure it is UV resistant. Plastic that’s not UV stabilized can wear out in direct sunlight. It will quickly fade and eventually crack. This is something to pay attention to when shopping around for synthetic rattan tables and chairs.

  1. Powder-Coated Steel Frame

If you wish to buy steel frame furniture, make sure the steel is powder-coated against rust and weather damage. Rust is the biggest enemy of steel. Once it starts developing, it is only a matter of time until your beautiful rattan tables and chairs becomes a piece of junk. In addition, cover your set with a protective shield to help extend its useful life.

  1. Tight And Stable Weave

The overall quality of the weave is very important. The wicker weave should be stable and tight, as that’s what makes rattan durable and long-lasting. Our furniture sets are hand-woven by experienced and skilled workers who know how to create a tight and even weave.

  1. Uniform Color

All pieces of furniture should have a uniform tone and shade, regardless of the finishing process. Also, all pieces in a set should have the same finish.

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Styles of Furniture

The Garden Furniture Shop offers a wide array of outdoor furniture items. We know that everyone has different personal preferences and requirements, so we do our best to satisfy all tastes and to cater to all design needs. Our in-house design team has created a wide variety of styles and looks, in order to make our furniture appealing to customers from all social categories and walks of life.

Sofa Sets – Rattan garden sofa sets can accommodate up to four people. Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors, these sets feature a lightweight design. Whether you need a two-seater or a large corner set, you can rest assured that this furniture will become the focal point of your backyard, deck or garden.

Types of Rattan Sets

Dining Sets – Take time to identify the right styles and colors for your home. During hot summer months, you will require protection against the sun to enjoy your outdoor dining experiences. A market parasol or a cantilever could be exactly what you need to secure this protection.

Cube Sets – Cube sets are available in a wide array of colors and sizes. They are designed to fit in gardens of virtually any size. These cube sets include four chairs with matching footstools to use as extra seating, if needed.

The best thing about our cube sets is that the fold away nicely. All you need to do is to tuck the footstools underneath the chairs to turn the set into a compact cube. When you don’t need it, consider covering the set with a shield cover to protect it against the weather.

Rattan Corner Sofas – These furniture sets are the perfect match to square tables and they can help you make the most out of your rather oddly-shaped space. We offer corner sofas for either indoor or outdoor use. They are available in a wide selection of colors and sizes, so you’ll surely find the one to suit your space.

Rattan Daybeds – These daybeds are awesome, particularly if you enjoy lounging the day away in your backyard. Rounded daybeds come with a canopy you can pull over whenever you need protection against sun. If you want, you can take a look at our range of corner sofas that double up as daybeds. Also, long ottomans can be the ideal choice for your afternoon naps.

Rattan Armchairs – Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, rattan armchairs are usually considered as elegant pieces of furniture. If you need an extra seating to your dining set, you may want to buy a matching armchair.

Sun Loungers – Sun loungers are the perfect choice for reading, sunbathing or sipping a cocktail with or without company. Most of these furniture items come in pairs. Daybed sets feature a table in the middle, as well as some storage space. Smaller daybeds may feature a whole in the center of the table, in order for you to add a parasol, if needed.

Bistro and Balcony Sets – These dining sets work best for small gardens or balconies. They include a two-seater and a small table. You can use such sets to relax and to enjoy a drink.

Other Options

Accessories – The Garden Furniture Shop offers a wide array of accessories to make your rattan garden furniture even better.

Covers help you keep your furniture dry and clean. Most of our outdoor sets come with complimentary shield covers to ensure that they last for longer. Furthermore, we can sell premium covers for superior protection and enhanced looks.

Storage boxes are the best solution to store away your furniture sets when not in use. We recommend that you store our outdoor furniture cushions inside, in order to keep them dry. Storage boxes are perfect for storing your furniture away during winter to keep them in perfect condition.

Cushions are available, either as replacements or as extra items to add a splash of color to your furniture set.

We also provide gas patio heaters to enable you to keep warm during late summer and early fall. These heaters work best in smaller gardens or balconies and they can be the ideal solution to turn your garden or your balcony in a comfortable and relaxing space.

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How To Buy Rattan Items

Things To Look for When Shopping Rattan Outdoor Furniture

We use the highest quality synthetic rattan weave, in order to make our products last for longer. Since you want your furniture to last as long as possible, you should ensure you invest in top-notch quality. This isn’t to say that you should buy the most expensive furniture available on the market, as a very high price doesn’t necessarily make it better. Our mission is to provide our customers high-quality outdoor furniture at an affordable price. Our range of colors include brown, black and gray. In addition, we offer a premium truffle brown weave, thicker and more durable than regular ones.

Our rattan outdoor furniture suits both indoor and outdoor environments. When buying your furniture, you should thoroughly consider how and when you’re going to use it. These tips will hopefully guide you along the purchasing process, in order for you to pick the style and size that best suit you.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture For Gardens

You should choose the size of the furniture to match the size of your garden. Measure your space and compare it to the different furniture sizes before making your final decision. All of our product pages include all dimensions you need to make an informed choice.

Sets For Small Gardens

If your garden is small, you’ll be better off with one of the smaller two-seater sets or with a cube dining set. Also, our balcony sets work very well in smaller spaces, being therefore best for small decks and patios.

Not everybody can safely store away garden furniture. Our shield covers and our stackable dining chairs help you store and protect your rattan outdoor furniture when not in use.

Patio Furniture

Patios can make perfect additions to any living space. Our furniture can make a great addition to your patio. Just measure your space with the greatest care possible and see if you can find the right furniture in our store. You can rest assured you’ll find what you need!

How To Measure Rattan Outdoor Furniture

  1. Measure all spaces where your furniture items will be passing, to ensure they do pass. Such spaces include door openings, hallways and staircases.
  2. Measure the width and the height of the furniture. In addition, measure its diagonal width.
  3. Check that there’s enough space for people to move around the furniture. Since those items will become part of your living space, you need to ensure they don’t obstruct your moving around.

What Do You Need Your Garden Furniture For?

The type of furniture that’s best for you depends on what you actually need it for.

Relaxation – if you only want to use these sets to relax with your beloved ones, you’ll want to choose solid and comfortable items, with cushions for a plus of convenience.

Entertainment – if you want to welcome guests in the garden for parties or dining, you’ll need to pay a bit more attention to the style of your furniture set. Of course, you’ll want quality and comfort, but you’ll also want to ensure the furniture complements your overall decor in a nice and stylish manner.

How To Store Rattan

  1. Always make sure your furniture is clean before you store it away. If you leave it covered in dirt for long periods of time, it will lose its properties.
  2. Use the protective covers we supply with our sets to cover your furniture. Alternatively, you can use a sheet of tarpaulin.
  3. Whenever possible, store your furniture inside, either in a shed or in your garage to protect it from the elements.
  4. Stack the chairs on top of each other for storing them away, in order to better protect them and to save space.

Buying Rattan For Your Conservatory

If you need furniture for your conservatory, make comfort and style your top priorities. Stylish, airy and comfortable pieces will help you create a relaxing environment.

Modern conservatories are ideal for the storage of our wicker furniture. Our indoor furniture collection includes a wide range of colors and styles.

Additional Information

One of the main concerns of people buying garden furniture is how long it will last. By choosing a durable, waterproof, weather-resistant material, you can ensure you’re going to enjoy your purchase for a very long time. Also, protecting it will extend its useful life.

What is rattan made from?

Rattan is made from natural vines that were traditionally used to make baskets and sheds. By weaving these vines around a structured frame, you can create a wide range of furniture items with different designs.

What is PE Furniture?

PE Rattan, or poly rattan, is the synthetic alternative to natural rattan weaves. This furniture made from artificial rattan wicker can be as beautiful as the natural one, but even more durable and long-lasting.