Everything You Ever Wanted And Needed To Know About Outdoor Furniture

The following tips have been designed if you are looking for a sure fire way to give your home a stylish update. We understand just how important it is have to have good looking and functional garden tables and chairs for your property. However, with such a large number of choices it can be difficult to choose the best style for your home. However, there is no need for alarm as we are going to help you through the process.

If you have already been searching for incredible garden furniture ideas, you know there is much more available than wooden benches! It is possible to find gorgeous daybeds, coffee tables that function as fire pits, swinging egg chairs, and even comfortable corner sofas. Whatever your particular need is, there is a specific design that is perfect to fit your style and budget.

It is no secret that the perfect outdoor furniture has the ability to transform the entire look and feel of your space. Now it is easier than ever to find that perfect look to make your outdoor living space comfortable and gorgeous. In order to pick the right design for your outdoor furniture there are a number of things you will need to consider. You do not want to invest a lot of money in a new set only to find out that it does not fit with the rest of the feel of the home.

It is important to take the time to consider your furniture options and ensure that the pieces you choose are going to feel right and last for several years. Follow along for the best tips in choosing the right outdoor furniture.

garden furniture all you need to know

Create A List Of Your Furniture Needs

The first thing you will need to consider is how you anticipate your outdoor space to function. Are you looking for an area to dine in during those warm summer evenings. Or perhaps you are seeking to create an area for entertaining and parties? Of course there is always the possibility of designing an outdoor reading nook for peaceful mornings.

Start by creating a list of how you plan to use your outdoor space and allow it to guide you in the choices of patio furniture that will be needed. If you are considering a casual cocktail setting, there is no need to purchase a large dining table. It would be better suited to feature several comfortable chairs and a fire pit.

Consider Leg Sizes For Outdoor Decks

One of the things that many people forget when purchasing patio furniture is there decking. Many people will go out and buy planters, grills, lounger chairs and of course a beautiful dining set. However, when they begin to set the furniture up on the deck, they find that the chair legs are too skinny for the deck. Simply meaning that the legs will sink in between the wooden planks of the deck. In this situation, it is essential to place the furniture correctly to ensure safety for everyone, not quite the fun setting you would expect.

Important tip to remember, is always check legs sizes to ensure they will not fall into the wooden slats before buying any outdoor furniture!

What Are The Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture?

It is always essential to find outdoor furniture that is going to be able to stand the test of time and weather, meaning quality and durability are going to be a key element.

With this being said, metal is typically the most durable material to choose for outdoor furniture. It is obviously strong and has the ability to be manipulated into a variety of shapes and designs/ It is possible for a manufacturer to work with a variety of metals and create any number of items ranging from chairs to pergolas. Stainless steel is typically the most popular due rust prevention abilities, however, there is also aluminum and iron.

In addition, you may choose to opt for the classic and rustic look of wood furniture. If you care for teak wood properly, it has the ability to stand the test of time due to the high level of natural oils. In addition, it has the ability to prevent warping and insect infestation. Another popular choice is rattan furniture, however, all-resin wicker is a much sturdier option and much more durable.

How To Properly Maintain Classic Materials

There is no denying that wood furniture is going to require some serious TLC. Many homeowners choose wood as it has a natural look, but it is going to require much more maintenance than metal outdoor furniture. There are a number of wood varieties that will require sealing every three to six months in an effort to prevent cracking. While other wood such as teak will turn grey after just a few months in the exposure of the sun. Can you guess how you make it look brand new again. If you guessed sanding it down, you would be correct. Not how any of us really want to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

While metal is a good overall choice, it will need some form of protective coating. It is best to choose iron as opposed to aluminum if you are looking for furniture for a rooftop or in high wind areas. However, it is important to realize that iron and steel have the ability to rust when left in wet condition. You can use a form of pre-coat treatment in an effort to delay the rusting. If you notice that your furniture has any dents or scratches that they are tended to as soon as possible as rust has the ability to spread underneath and do considerable damage. It is also very important not to place iron or aluminum furniture too close to or in salt water of chlorine pools as it will destroy the finish. You can use mild soap or detergent to clean the furniture will no adverse reactions. You may even consider an automotive wax in an effort to maintain the glossy finish of the furniture.

The best low maintenance option to choose is powder coated aluminum. This lightweight metal furniture has the ability to be moved around easily and can be cleaned. However, if you live in a high salt area, it is advised to wipe off salt residue with a damp cloth or the finish may oxidize which can lead to a blistering effect. In many areas though a simple cleaning with soap is all that will be required on a regular basis.

If you love the look of wicker, it is best to choose resin wicker as it will last considerably longer than plant-based wicker. Additionally, plant-based wicker will tend to fade much sooner with exposure to sun and rain than resin. These types of pieces are much better indoors or at the very least to remain covered as much as possible. However, resin wicker is resistant to UV rays as well as bad weather and is easy to maintain and clean.

Choose A Style That Will Suit Your Theme

One of the most important and obvious tips in choosing outdoor furniture is to consider the general aesthetics. The piece or pieces you choose have the ability to make or break your space, so always consider the general theme of your outdoor living area.

You may notice that one of the biggest trends in outdoor furniture is rattan. This is the perfect material to create a relaxed look of a traditional country garden, however, it has the ability to work wonders with modern designs as well.

While on the subject of modern designs, it is important to consider the look of plastics. While it may seem like an odd tip, just trust us on this. Plastic comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors and can add a fun and unique twist to just about any outdoor living space. In addition, with the use of a number of recycled materials, they are an eco-friendly option.

Metal is another fine option that you may want to consider. While it has the ability to be traditional like that of wrought iron, it can also be quite modern. Metal has the ability to assimilate to any garden style or décor and fit in perfectly. Much of it is available in a powder coated format for added durability and is available in a wide number of colors.

However, if you want your garden décor to look organic and natural there is no better option than the classic look of wood. There is no shortage of beautiful finishes available to compliment the look of your home. Whether you are looking for something rustic or modern, there are a number of options to choose from for your garden theme.

Not All Garden Furniture Is The Right Choice

Some of the most common types of material you will see while shopping for garden furniture include Stainless steel, teak, aluminum, eucalyptus, wicker, wrought iron, and synthetic resin. Every type of material is going to have a number of pros and cons that help to make it ideal for your area or not. Take a moment to consider the number of metals that are available. Aluminum is lightweight metal, which means it is not going to be the best choice for areas prone to high winds. Stainless steel is quite the ow maintenance metal, however, it can get quite hot to the touch when under the sun, making it inconvenient during hot summer days.

If you live in a rather wet area, it is best to pass over wood furniture and this includes teal as it needs to be treated at least yearly in an effort to protect against warping and cracking. Natural wicker is best suited in either covered areas or even better inside away from the elements. If you really desire wicker for outdoor use, choose synthetic wicker furniture as it will hold up much better.

Always keep in mind that while something may be labeled as outdoor furniture it does not necessarily mean it is designed for your area or climate. Take the time to research the material that is used as well as what is going to work best for your region as well as general exposure to the elements.

When Is It Best To Replace Outdoor Furniture

One of the things to always consider is outdoor furniture is not designed to last forever, there is a time when it will need to be replaced. While there is no specific date for outdoor furniture, when you begin to take note of wear and tear, it is time to look for new furniture. There are a number of factors which the life of outdoor furniture is based upon.





With this in mind it is always important to remember that the key to the life span of your furniture is proper maintenance. It is also important not to neglect cushions and slings as dirt and weather can make them wear much sooner than needed. It is important that you take measure to keep them dry and ensure they dry quickly after the rain. However, if your cushions are just starting to look worn from years of machine washes, it may be best to begin looking for something new.

The price you pay for outdoor furniture is also going to create an impact. When you purchase high-quality furniture, you know it is more likely going to last for several years. However, the environment and usage is also going to impact the number of years. However, one can expect up to 10 years for a quality product. Regardless of how high of quality the product is, the elements will take their toll. You need to factor this in when you make the initial purchase.

Invest In Quality Furniture

You more than likely have heard that you are going to get what you pay for. While plastic tables and chairs are going to look good in the store and will generally last a season or two, that is about all you can expect from them. This is true of wood and wicker products as well. You need to shop with care and do your research before you make a large purchase. If you are shopping on a budget, be sure you spend the largest amount on the item or otems that will be getting the most use. You can save money on smaller items such as pillows and other accessories.

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

There is one thing you have to remember about outdoor furniture, it is always going to be outdoors. With this in mind, it is always going to be the target of destruction. You must consider the elements, storms, insects, and other wildlife. Your furniture is going to be harassed by wind, rain, snow, animal waste, etc. Season after season, all of this will take an eventual toll. Within a season or two, that gorgeous sectional is going to look like it is ready for the trash. No amount of scrubbing or spinning the cushions in the washing machine will help. It will be stained or discolored and it will be time to purchase a brand new set.

The lesson you need to keep in mind, is to think before you purchase or place. Consider how much sun the area is going to get, the amount of rain, if there are trees up above that may hold many birds as well as their waste. Even think if the tree has berries that may lead to potential stains. Consider what surrounds your furniture and take the appropriate measures to protect your furniture. If you can not protect it, find a safe location for it.

How To Create A Budget For Outdoor Furniture

Before you purchase any outdoor furniture, you need to consider how much space you have and what you already have on hand. You can then spend it on what makes sense. You want to use the majority of your budget on the large pieces like a dining table or seating area, which will be the outdoor focal point.

When you plan to purchase an expensive piece, ensure that it has been designed with high quality materials that will withstand what nature is able to dish out. You can save your money on the smaller items such as pillows, side tables, and decorative accessories that may be stored indoors or even in an outdoor building or trunk. Additionally, if one pillow manages to get moldy and it needs to be tossed it will not break the bank as much at that large dining set. Also, smaller items can be switched and swapped throughout the season to allow for change in your outdoor area.

How To Care For Outdoor Fabrics

It is possible to find a wide range of outdoor and performance fabrics for your furniture. The ultimate goal is to find one that will not wear or fade in your particular climate. Your goal is to find a fabric that features overall durability, water-repellent qualities, and UV-resistance.

You want a fabric that is not just seasonal, but able to make it through the entire year. It should be able to withstand the hottest summer days as well as snowfall and ice. Consider Bella Dora’s outdoor fabrics, which are able to withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees.

We all know that few things are worse than sitting in a hot cushion. This is why it is so important to find an outdoor fabric that is able to withstand those hot summer temperatures, but also consider a darker cooler that will absorb some of that heat. Light fabrics have the ability to stay much cooler to the touch.

Likewise, you will want a breathable fabric that has the ability to withstand a number of variable weather conditions. Most outdoor fabrics are fine in this manner, just be sure the fabric you choose retains heat. Not only will it fade but it will tend to retain mildew.

During winter months, it is essential to store your furniture properly.

It is best to cover up your furniture and take the cushions inside, this is even good practice during storms. If your cushions do get caught outside in a storm, make sure you do everything possible to dry them quickly. Some fabrics will soak up that fabric and retain it, which leads to mold and mildew. In addition, thinner fabrics will dry much more quickly.

Mildew in your furniture is a surefire way to ruin your set. The smallest hint of moisture can bring your fabric down in a heartbeat. Mildew will grow on the dirt particles on the cushion as opposed to just the fabric.

Cover Up Your Furniture.

Simply put, you are best to store your furniture and keep it out of the elements for the ultimate in safety. Consider it similar to parking your car in a garage. While the car will be fine outside, parking it inside helps to keep it in pristine condition. We do understand that not everyone has a shed or extra room for their furniture. If that is the case, many retailers offer custom covers for your furniture that will keep them dry and secure during inclement weather and throughout the off-season.

You can place smaller items in a trunk or even in the attic or garage. This is going to help protect them from the elements and ensure they stay in top condition.