How To Add A Hammock To Your Garden Summer Room

A hammock can transform your outdoor garden summer room into a blissful relaxation destination.

The gentle sway and fresh air makes it perfect for taking a nap, reading or a relaxation spot.

Follow this guide to successfully incorporate a hammock into your garden summer room:


Pick the Perfect Location

Determine the ideal location within your summer room. It should be in a space where you can comfortably swing without obstructions

  • Comfort – Make sure you have ample space to comfortably recline and swing from side to side without hitting walls or bumping into things.
  • Shade – Position it in a shaded area so you can nap without direct sun glaring in your eyes. Strategically placed trees or an overhead canopy are great for shade.
  • Privacy – Tuck it away in a semi-secluded corner if you want to relax without distractions.

Measuring for Your Hammock

Measure roughly where you want to hang each end of the hammock. The distance between the two hanging points should be a few feet wider than the total length of your hammock to allow for some slack. An extending tape measure comes in handy for measuring overhead spots accurately.

Selecting a Hammock Style

There are a variety of hammock styles to consider:

  • Spreader bar hammocks have bars at the ends to keep the fabric open. These are ideal for casual lounging.
  • Non-spreader bar rope hammocks are more collapsible and portable with gathered ends. They conform more to your body shape.

Hammock chairs have an integrated seat and backrest. These allow you to sit upright comfortably.

Hanging Method:

  • For trees, wrap approved tree straps or rope around the trunk at least 1 foot from the ends to protect bark from damage.
  • Freestanding hammock stands offer sturdy support. Position on level ground and assemble per instructions.
  • Test it out by putting some weight in before fully relaxing to ensure it’s secure.

Personalizing Your Hammock Nook

  • Add soft cushions, pillows and throws for enhanced comfort and style.
  • For increased privacy, surround it with curtains or drapery that can open and close.
  • Place a small side table next to the hammock for holding refreshments and books within arm’s reach.

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Safety First:

Always test the hammock’s sturdiness by applying some weight before lounging in it completely.

With a tranquil hammock setup, you can fully immerse yourself in relaxation and the natural beauty of your garden summer room.

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