What Are The Different Types Of Hammock Available?

From the Brazilian and Colombian to the American and Mexican hammocks, there are many options to select from! Below, you will find a quick rundown of the different styles.

Different Types of Hammocks

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of styles of hammocks and hammock chairs available in our hammock shop.

Brazilian Hammock

Brazilian Hammock: This option is seen manufactured from sturdy woven cloth and is mostly found in South American countries. For the most part, when people mention hammocks, they mean the classic or traditional hammock is the Brazilian hammock style.

The original hammock design was conceived by the Taino Indians and remains largely unchanged. Plus, did you know that these classic Brazilian hammocks have to lie somewhat crooked?

Columbian Hammock

Colombian Hammock: Similar in nature to its Brazilian hammock counterpart, this hammock has an open loop hanging function. That means the eye used to hang the fabric hammock isn’t tied with rope. This feature allows for better weight distribution and also helps the cloth remain more stable. Colombian hammocks are extremely sturdy and as such, they also have a distinct style. May are cotton hammocks and so easy to clean and care for.

Hammock “connoisseurs” tend to opt for the Colombian style. For this reason, we also recommend them for durability, stability, and longevity.

Spreader Hammock

Spreader Hammock: Unlike traditional hammocks that form a cocoon around you, spreader bar hammocks are kept open on each side by poles or wooden spreader bars. As such, they become the perfect companions for sunbathing and can be attached to a tree or a hammock stand.

American Hammock

American Hammock: The quilted hammocks are constructed with two layers of carefully woven fabric along with padding in between the layers. They are used with a spreader bars and are the perfect poolside hammocks. These hammocks are comfortable and feel dreamy.

Mexican Hammock

Mexican Hammock: Often referred to as the net or a rope hammock, these hammocks originate from the Yucatan Peninsula. They have a distinct knotted net appearance that resembles a fishing net Rope hammocks are highly prized during heat waves because they allow the wind and breezes to pass through the little material gaps.

When handmade, traditional Mexican or Mayan hammocks can take anywhere from two to three days for a single weaver to complete these rope hammocks. It’s actually not uncommon to find that larger hammocks may require at least four days for completion! This attention to detail ensures stability and that the rope hammock can withstand many years of use.

Baby Hammock

Baby Hammock: Ideal for little ones, a baby hammock can help induce sleep and also ensure that your child is within reach while keeping them safe. What’s more, baby hammocks are easily hung in a playpen for optimum usage. Some parents also enjoy that these hammocks have the ability to safely rock back and forth, offering a tranquil and quiet environment for their child to fall asleep in.

Children’s Hammock:

Children’s Hammock: This is a fantastic gift to give any child! A hammock allows children to feel safe as the security offered by the fabric hammocks enhance their perception of personal well-being and safety. For parents looking to give a meaningful gift, a hammock is one that helps makes lifelong memories.

Travel Hammock

Travel Hammock: For those who love to travel, these portable folding hammock are the ideal companions! They weigh next to nothing and their portability allows them to get packed away when not in use. From storing your camping hammock in your luggage or your duffel bag, it’s a great way to ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you will always have a comfortable place to sleep! Plus, portable camping hammocks are perfect for camping or making the most of staying outdoors safely off of the ground.