How To Determine The Right Hammock Size For You

It’s always essential to consider the size of the hammock you’re looking to purchase for your application. In fact, many will advise you to simply buy the biggest and best hammock you can afford! Getting a large hammock allows you to lounge in comfort, but the detailed list of different sizes below will help you find the perfect one for your needs. When hanging a hammock, though the space requirement is the bare minimum outlined below, it helps if you have a bit more space than what’s recommended.

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Classic (Traditional) Hammock Sizes

The Family Hammock Or King Sized Hammock

For the most comfort and the largest amount of space, king sized hammocks come highly recommended. Even if you choose to laze about solo, this hammock size is the most comfortable. Plus, you can still have a friend join you at a later time! Though the name is fairly straightforward, these large hammocks are ideal for lounging with the entire family from a tree or on hammock stands. From mom and dad to the kids, these hammocks are a great family bonding staple.

Hanging requirements:

  • At least 5ft 11in of space or 180cm as the distance between the two hanging points.
  • The hanging height should never be lower than 120cm or 5ft 3in.

Bear in mind, some hammocks may say family sized and others may say king sized.; they are both the same thing! This si the same for polyester rope hammocks and cotton hammocks.

The Double Hammock

As the name implies, these hammocks are large enough for two people to lounge on. They offer about 5ft 3in of surface area which makes them both comfortable and stable. Double hammocks are fantastic for couples, but they also feel great when sleeping alone.

Hanging requirements:

  • 310cm or 10ft 2in are required between the two hanging points for this size.
  • It’s also important to never hang the hammock lower than 140cm or 4ft 7in as required for safety reasons.

The Single Hammock

A single hammock is considered the ideal travel companion, or perfect if you prefer to spend some time alone in solitude. The compact nature of the design makes single hammocks perfect to pack away into your luggage. These hammocks usually have a minimum space requirement of 140cm or 4ft 7in. What also makes them a popular and sought after option is that they require limited hanging space, so that helps squeeze them into tight areas.

Hanging requirements:

  • At least 270cm or 8ft 10in are necessary to adequately suspend the hammock between the two hanging points.
  • The standard 120cm or 3ft 11in height requirement rings true for this hammock.

Hanging Tips For Traditional Hammocks

When hanging traditional or classic hammocks, it’s good to use the rule of thumb that your hanging height should be at least half of the height of your hanging span based on the hammock length. If a hammock, for example, has a span of 4m, the hanging height would be only 2m. After achieving the basic hanging height, you can adjust the ropes that help secure your hammock to reach your desired height levels based on the preferences or your hammock stand or item you’re hanging the hammockfrom. The perfect height for you is when you have it hanging somewhere between your knees and hips. This makes it easier for you to get in and out of your hammock without straining your back or causing undue muscle tension in the process.