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Hammocks have a well-deserved reputation for providing the perfect solution when it’s time for just ‘lazing around’, especially on those wonderful, warm summer days. If you want to find the perfect hammock for your lifestyle we have a range that has something for everyone. Our large assortment of quality products are made from the best comfy, eco-friendly materials such as recycled cotton and Elltex. It doesn’t matter whether you are in search of a single or a double (or something suitable for the entire family) we have the hammock for you and your outdoor space.

Single hammocks are ideal for that precious ‘me time’ we all need, while oversize ‘Family Style’ hammocks are the ideal way to spend quality time relaxing with those nearest and dearest – and we have these and more. If you need some assistance when choosing the right hammock consult our “Buying the Right Hammock” guide. This will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice. If you need further advice on issues such as stands, accessories or fixtures then contact us and our friendly sales staff will be only too happy to provide you with advice on your next hammocks.

If you want something a little different then take a look at the Cacoon range of hanging chairs we have on sale, perfect to relax in and simply enjoying watching the world go by while enjoying the highest levels of comfort in your garden in your hanging chair.

We also stock an extensive range of accessories and fixtures, in fact, our top quality items will have you covered no matter what you need. And to make your hammock experience even more satisfying we also have a “How to Hang Your Hammock” guide which will provide you with even more vital information to help you choose the ideal hammock.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for – or have questions then contact us, and we’ll do our best to give you the best advice out there, provided with a smile.

Hammock FAQs – Buy Hammocks in Ireland

There are many ways that you can properly hang a hammock. For example, it can do well hanging between two trees using adjustable ropes, or it’s easily affixed to posts or walls. For those with only a single tree, stands are available to help them adequately and safely hang their hammock.

How long will my hammock last?

This solely depends on a number of factors such as maintenance, quality, and location. Some customers have reported using their new hammock and stands well into five years, meanwhile, others may choose to purchase a new one every summer season. When purchasing any brand of hammock, it’s crucial to ensure that they have GS and TUV quality marks.

What is the standard hanging height for a hammock?

This is partly based on your own preferences, but the most popular hammocks do well when hung about 120cm off the ground. This is the ideal height for easily getting on and off.

Can hammocks withstand the outdoors?

All the products offered by our company are able to withstand outdoor conditions, but some materials are better at retaining their color than others. For example, hammocks manufactured from Elltex or polyester fibers tend to lock in moisture in wetter weather that can lead to mold growth, which is why it’s recommended to bring these hammocks inside when not in use. The sun can can also impact fabric, so it’s best they’re not left in full sun light.

Here is a good guide to hammock care and cleaning.

How many people can use a hammock at the same time?

All the products offered by our company are tested to hold more than their advertised weight capacity. The hammocks found on our site are categorized for single person use, double person use, and for families of multiple people. When ordering the matching stands, make sure that the weight capacity of the hammock matches that of the stand’s.

Here is a good guide on the different types of hammock available.

Why are prices all over the spectrum?

Hammock prices are based on construction materials, capacity, size, and quality. The same goes for the stands themselves. Most stands are manufactured from Spruce, but some may feature Larch wood.

Here is a good guide to hammock sizing.

Are hammocks safe for everyone?

Falling out of a hammock is incredibly rare and they are safe to use, even for consumers well over the age of 60! They are comfortable and feel great, but unfortunately, they carry the stigma of being hard to get in and out of.

Check out this guide on how to hang a hammock.

Will sleeping in a hammock hurt your back?

Actually, hammocks are good for your back! As they mimic the natural curvature of your spine, they relieve pressure and are much healthier to sleep in than a flatbed or sun lounger. For those suffering from back pain, hammock support is good and relief. In fact, recent studies have shown that hammocks are fantastic for back and joint pain.