The celebration of bonfire night marks one of the Ireland old fire celebrations every summer Sunday at the garden, and the glow of the fire that can be seen until beyond midnight. Once livestock bones were thrown into the fire to appeal to the gods for a successful harvest, the analogy refers to these rural villages, but unfortunately, with smaller rural populations and fewer children inhabiting rural areas, families in some regions have taken to organizing smaller celebrations on their own properties instead.

In this article we are going to talk about the facts about this outdoor garden furniture and their price, you don’t have to search for hours just to find the perfect for your garden centre with a reasonable price so you won’t be having two cents when you check out!

So if you read this far, it’s a sign to experience the outdoor living at your garden centre for a change!

Facts that you need to know

What is fire pits used for?

You’ll find numerous purposes for firepits outdoor and in the garden centre every Sunday, everything from functional to a little more extravagant. The basic answer is really easy. It provides heat in your yard, and you may enjoy outdoor activities with your family and friends. The main idea behind this program is to allow you to turn your garden into another room in your home where you can sit back and relax or visit with friends. The price range is very reasonable for its use. Since you’ve got a pits fire, your garden now becomes a source of natural light, which gives it a great atmosphere no matter its size. In case you didn’t know you can use fuel, woods, filters or gas to light this up.

Other usage..

Fire pits can be used for cooking in the outdoor living as well as heating the place. By integrating a grill grate or skewer, it can be simply adjusted to accommodate rotisserie cooking or barbecue. In your fire pit, charcoal or wood will produce equally hot flames, allowing you to cook with one or both for a range of tastes. Although finishing fire pits and building them out to perfection can increase the price of your property when you are selling, that won’t happen if you choose an unfinished fire pit.

A recent poll from the United States found that among the top three most popular additions in garden of Ireland for restorations, and well-maintained have consistently high resale price. Level up the outdoor living (at your garden centre ofcourse) and try this when you cook!

Best Firepits in Ireland

Upon knowing facts about the fire pits, it’s time to know what and why you should buy a fire pit. Here in this article we are guide you what are the brand, material used, colour, shape, price, and the reviews of customer, as well as the shop! You can either buy it in the physical shop or search and checkout at their online store. If you are still reading this article, then it’s a sign that you should purchase one now!

Angle Fire Pit

To enhance your party, decorate your backyard with a taller Angle design from Rais and convey the feeling of warm and bonfire night to your own celebration. The price of this stainless steel grill is €1,344, including the grate, which the price is another €313, and is sold by Fenton Fires, a company from Greystones. You wouldn’t be disappointed as you are not only paying for the price, but the quality and the durability of the product!

Table-Top Fire Pits

Fire pits can also help you stay warm for hours and classy at the same time. This bio fireplace truly strikes the spot for Galina. There is no complicated installation and it doesn’t require any mounting, so you may place it wherever you like. It may be found at Woo Design and retails price for €79.

You’ll be left wondering why do I got this for a cheap price when the quality’s worth more than the price of €79.

Morso’s Forno

Forno is a table hearth that’s designed like an Italian stone oven, but it also radiates heat and can cook a pizza in a minutes. It has a Denmark design, which includes stove, trolley and the price range from €99 to €599. You can buy this at TJ O’Mahony, Ballymount, or McCarthy’s Prosperous. Their prices for available firepits is very reasonable and you won’t be asking the quality, as the image speaks the quality.

La Hacienda Moroccan-Inspired Osiris Fire Basket

Combine the simple yet attractive Osiris basket from La Hacienda will be the garden centre or any outdoor spacing. The basket with its appealing tapered form and rustic brushed bronze finish will remain attractive even as the season’s change. You can actually place it on any furniture that has a table-like top. La hacienda thought about outdoor living in an elegant way, also with a reasonable price range with a high quality.

It’s a good way of staying warm when you’re outdoor for a long period, and it allows you to appreciate your garden space while you’re doing so. This basket would be a fantastic addition to any host eager to leave a lasting impression on their friends and family.

This La Hacienda blends in well with all outdoor locations thanks to its contemporary look that complements your garden centre. The price for this is €89, a very reasonable price right? Buy now at La Hacienda’s website!


Cellbridge-based Gas Fuelled Patio Heater has a modernistic design that is perfect for you! This freestanding form has a sci-fi design and stands approximately 7 feet tall, and the price is €789, while the heater price is €469. The furniture itself and the stand doesn’t hold any residual heat, thus it is safe to place on the wall.

As with the color, it is only available in black, and operated with 9kg of gas cylinder bottle and a heat strip which distributes heat to around one meter inside its 180 degree radius, while there is a minimum clearance of 500cm between the heater and the roof, both versions of the design can be utilized on either balcony or garden. The price is actually not bad when you combine the price of the heater and Cellbridge itself, because of its high quality!

Kate Gould Fire Pits

The use of an outdoor fireplace may ensure a year-round landscape that offers both heat and illumination at a garden centre, says London-based garden designer Kate Gould, who designed a sleek glass, stainless steel, and mirror design to mimic a fireplace. The design employs light to shape your mood. Prior to choosing a design, it is important to identify the gas that you intend to burn, which will dictate its style and construction cost. This flue is installed using piped gas with filters, which is very inexpensive, but has the added benefit of being simple to use. Finally, bioethanol, which is considered a green fuel, is more affordable, but it is also inconvenient to obtain and store. The price of this is €869, not bad for a beauty like this!

Eva Solo Fire Globe

For a terrace, the Eva Solo Fire globe is a fantastic alternative, especially if you live in an apartment, have a small townhouse, or having a little veranda or outdoor space. Because the design is curved, the open flame is shielded from the wind. It is 64cm in diameter and has a grid at the base of the globe for optimal ventilation and a handle, which is better used when the globe is not hot. Wait until it cools down before moving it around the garden. You don’t have to worry for the price because we guarantee you that it’s worth the price since it’s high quality, and it is €349 in price, not bad for a multi-use firepit.

How to Care for your Fire Pit

Fire Pit Lighting Tips and Advice

How to buy?

After reading this article or searching on the internet, all you have to do is go to a physical store where you can choose and decide in person or sign up an account and input password on their website. In their website store you can check the number of stock available, price range, and you must complete all the instructions and if you are a little bit lazy to pick it at the store choose the delivery option.

We all knew that you are already persuaded in buying this, we give you different choices, different price range (reasonable price of course) so checkout now!