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Gas barbecues in Ireland are nice since they remove the annoyance of having to get the grill started in the first place. This is an easy method of using a gas grill, simply connect the gas and then turn the ignition. Let the grill reach to the desired cooking temperature and you’re good to go. The first thing to think about when purchasing a gas barbeque is the assembly.

Setting up gas models usually takes hours longer than setting up charcoal models or cooking meals. When we were assembling our factory samples, we kept an eye on our watches so we could see how quickly we got from opening the box to engine ignition.

It was also in our interest to observe the time it took for the grill to heat up and see how it functioned once it was ready. Only the goods that are highly effective for distributing across the grill and maximizing even and effortless cooking while minimizing fat flare-ups have been shortlisted. Not only are our barbecues available with one or many burners, but we have also equipped them with roasting and grilling options.

So, whether you’re interested in properly showing off the delicious prime steak cuts, or merely having family and friends keep well-supplied with hot dogs, we suggest you should check these items as we carefully searched these for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the barbecue grill type, product, brands, colour, accessories, price range, and the shop where you can buy those add to cart now!

Best brands for best bbq grill

Argos 4 burner gas barbecues with side burner

If you like in getting started with grilling outdoor or in the garden, this is a simple method to start and try during your vacant hours. The four burners and a wire rack keep meals warm, and the side burner is ideal for cooking side dishes. It is made from steel and utilizes propane gas (not provided). The assembly and use instructions are simple to follow, and it looks fantastic and the price is only €139.99 with in-home delivery, purchase it from

John Lewis & Partners 3 Burner

The robust build and quality components are immediately apparent when you first sit down to use this John Lewis model after the 45-minute set up period has completed. Even if you do find yourself unsatisfied with the outcomes of the grill, there will be no burned food due to regulated cooking and efficient burner. It will be your best companion if you are having outdoor parties, a perfect way to show-off!

The circular grill type that was added in the middle was incredibly helpful because it accommodated a pan full of potatoes or corn, and because it kept the heat consistent, we could just concentrate on cooking and didn’t have to babysit the settings. You are actually getting a lot of money for the money, thus the extra £30 is worth spending in order to maintain the BBQ to its best condition. At a discounted price of £279, buy with delivery!

Big Green Egg

This ceramic, charcoal-fired barbecue, which cooks for two to four people during the week outside your house or the garden itself, or can accommodate a large number of guests for a Saturday barbeque, is perfect for individuals who desire to cook for two to four people on weekdays or for a single dinner of a rack of lamb for up to eight people. How will you fit everything on it? Six burgers, four steaks, or an 18-pound turkey—choose your fowl.

It features an interior firebox, fire ring, and fire grate, as well as a steel cooking grid for a reasonable price? Yep! You can shop this product and other items for bbq online at for only €850 with home delivery!

Weber Baby Q1000

The search is over for portable type of grill has been designed to be small and easy to handle! Weber produces the smallest Q-Series propane gas grill in the industry. The Weber Q-Series gas grills are especially well-suited for use at picnics and when camping since they are perfect for locations like balconies that require additional cooking area.

It is made of cast aluminum, which is supported by one steel burner and features a simple push-button ignition that made it portable, because its small, easy to use, definitely useable outdoor when travelling. The price is €259.99, not a bad price for a portable type grill right? Check their website, and add to cart for delivery!

Accessories of BBQ Gril

Tepro Telescope Spit (Stainless Steel)

Stainless steel heat-resistant roasting sticks, sturdy and lasting. While the fork’s teeth are extremely sharp, they will not harm people.

The features of the telescopic spat extensible and ergonomic handle, as well as being non-toxic. Also, 2 pcs per purchase. The price is £13.99 per 2 pcs set!

Tepro 11 Inch Non Stick Vegetable Wok

This is a non-stick surface perfect for cooking veggies! You can put all your vegetables, so when you close the lid of the grill (If there is!) it won’t stick. With that you don’t have to worry eating burnt vegetables! For it’s price £17.99, you can think that you invest your money for a good quality items for a reasonable price.

Bar-Be-Quick Natural Firelighters – 24 packs per box

An uncomplicated and hassle-free way to light your barbecue without having to use charcoal. This natural firelighter is perfect for barbecues, chimeneas, and wood-burning stoves. To make things simpler, these chemicals are odorless and straightforward to use.

It has all the benefits of nature: non-toxic, odorless, natural, and hassle-free. However, make sure to use it outdoor to prevent any accident. The price is only £2.99 per pack! This price is good for almost 800-1000 pcs per box!

Gas Bbq Cover medium

The search is over! Waterproof, dust-proof, and sun protective, the cover is. This material is robust and hardy. Are my outdoor furniture pieces resistant to inclement weather?

The benefits of being dustproof, as well as being practical for storage, is due to the usage of the fabric, which is tough and durable.

The price is £28.99 only.

All of these accessories are the same brands! You can check at go to their outdoor & living pageand searchfor other available items, their price ranges between £2 to £50 (you can actually sort the items according to their price).

Top Tips for the Perfect BBQ

How to Clean your BBQ in Less than 5 minutes

The Right Way to Light a BBQ

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