5 Post-Lockdown Garden Ideas

The first half of 2021 saw the COVID-19 vaccines released and the subsequent ease in lockdown restrictions in many parts of the world. Today, people can now interact in-person outdoors. You probably might be wondering what to do to make sure that your guests receive a warm welcome upon entering your outdoor space.

From cleaning the garden furniture to planting brightly colored flowers, it is time for getting the garden ready for guests now that lockdown has been eased. If you follow the steps provided below, your garden will definitely be post-lockdown ready, for a guaranteed warm summer welcome when your loved ones are finally able to visit.

  1. Clean the Furniture

It is important to ensure that when family and friends are finally allowed to visit you in your back garden, that they will have somewhere to sit. Your furniture probably has not been in use for sometime due to the poor weather experienced over the past few months.

Cleaning your furniture isn’t hard. If it is made of plastic, just use a sponge and a bucket of hot soapy water. Wooden furniture is usually much harder to clean since it requires a bit more care than plastic furniture. If you want to clean rattan items, you can check the Internet for excellent guides.

Perhaps you don’t even own outdoor furniture or even have an outdoor space large enough to house it. If you are looking to buy new furniture, check out the wide range of furniture available at various online stores, and if you have a smaller space, check out the balcony seats available online.

  1. Mow the Lawn and Tidy Up Your Flower Beds

Now that you have cleaned up your furniture, you should now move on to cleaning up the garden. Mowing the lawn will give the garden a fresher look and it is incredibly easy to do. It is also important to tidy up your flower beds and turn the soil over ready for planting.

  1. Plant Colorful Flowers

Find your favorite plants and flowers at the local gardening store and plant them in the soil that you should have tidied up by now. However, you need to know that some plants are better suited to the spring and summer compared to others.

Lobelia flowers are ideal for adding large splashes of color and are better suited for hanging flower baskets. While a Cosmos plant is better suited to be planted in the ground, it usually attracts bees and other wildlife.

Both of these examples and many other types of flowers need to be regularly looked after, so water them and make sure that they are planted somewhere with enough sunlight. If you do this, you will end up with a bright and inviting garden for guests who come around after lockdown.

  1. Jet Wash Your Decking or Patio

Decked areas and patios can become incredibly dirty over the winter period as weeds and dirt slowly build up over time. It is highly recommended that you get hold of a jet wash for cleaning your patio since it will not only make your work a million times much easier, but it will also leave your patio looking brand new.

If you are unable to get your hands on a jet wash, then there’s definitely nothing wrong with using soapy water, a brush, and some elbow grease. You can find instructions for cleaning your decking in numerous guides freely available online.

  1. Add Accessories

Now that you have cut your lawn, cleaned your furniture, planted colorful flowers, and cleaned your dirty decked area or patio, it is almost time to invite guests around to your garden after lockdown.

The last task you should undertake is adding some accessories to the garden, which could be anything from outdoor cushions for jazzing up the furniture or extra seating should it be needed. The garden should be a relaxed area where you can chill out and entertain your loved ones. That’s why you should have comfortable seating areas.

The cushions you choose should ideally offer total comfort as you sit and also brighten up your garden. Fortunately, today there is a wide range of cushions currently available, and you can always find one that suits your style.

If you don’t already own furniture, then the rattan garden fire pit tables would be a great addition to your outdoor space. The fire pits will give your garden an atmospheric touch and extend the time that you can spend outside, so whether it is cold or hot, it is still possible to entertain in your garden.