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We are Ireland’s leading fully insulated garden buildings and insulated garden offices retailer. We offer garden houses for sale in Ireland in every garden room style you can think of. Our garden rooms are build to the highest standards and throughout Ireland, our clients will provide testament that they couldn’t be happier with their new modern garden room spaces Our garden rooms and garden studios are built to last – so if you’re looking for a premium range of new garden rooms for a small garden or a large garden – we’re here to help

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At EcoEden Garden Rooms, we pride ourselves in seamlessly blending the beauty of Ireland’s natural landscapes with our state-of-the-art garden rooms. Handcrafted to perfection, our rooms symbolise the perfect synergy of aesthetics and functionality.

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Ensuring the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency, our offerings cater to diverse needs, whether you’re envisioning a tranquil home office, a vibrant games room, or a serene haven for relaxation. Situated amidst the picturesque backdrop of Ireland, our garden rooms not only enhance your outdoor space but also become an integral part of your home. With EcoEden, bring home the future of eco-friendly living spaces, ensuring you are always close to nature’s embrace

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FAQs About Garden Rooms in Ireland

Let’s discuss each of these Frequently Asked Questions about garden rooms in Ireland thoroughly:

What is a Garden Room?

In Ireland, a garden room is a detached structure in the grounds of property. It can be a home office, studio, gymnasium, leisure room or guest space. Such rooms are intended to be in tune with outdoor spaces and yet provide the convenience and comfort of an indoor area.

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Garden Room in Ireland?

Garden rooms in Ireland can be built without planning permission if they are not used as a residence and fall within the above size limits. The structure should not exceed 25 square meters, and it must be behind the house. But do check with the local council for the exact regulations. Here is a blog on planning permission and building regs

How Much Does a Garden Room Cost?

The price is very uneven, anywhere from €15,000 up to €50,000 or more, depending on size and materials used and whether it has special modifications. Cheap basic models are at one end of this spectrum, while luxury, bespoke designs with high end finishes and fittings will be at the other.

What are the Best Materials for Building a Garden Room in Ireland?

Treated wood, composite materials and insulated panels are durable and ideal for use in Ireland. For longevity and energy efficiency, double-glazed windows and steel or tile roofs are also recommended. Here is a blog on how they cope with Ireland’s climate

How Long Does it Take to Build a Garden Room?

Construction time, depending on the complexity of design and site conditions, can take from a few weeks to several months. Simple pre-fabricated models can be installed quickly and the lead time for custom built rooms is longer.

Can a Garden Room be Used All Year Round?

Of course, if it is well insulated, heated and ventilated, a garden room can be warm all year around. Good insulation and efficient heating is a must for the winter months.

What are the Electrical and Plumbing Considerations for a Garden Room?

If you need electricity and plumbing facilities, then you must follow building regulations. Such care is usually achieved by hiring certified electricians and plumbers, to guarantee safe installations. And in terms of utility connections, consider distance from the main house.

Do Garden Rooms Add Value to My Property?

A well-designed garden room can enhance the utility and beauty of your property. Many potential buyers see this as a positive development, providing extra for living or working space or even an area for wellness

Can I Customize My Garden Room?

Absolutely. Several firms provide custom made designs in which you can select the size, layout, materials, surface treatment and additional features like bi-folding doors, skylights or built-in storage. Here is a blog on design and customisation of garden rooms

What Maintenance is Required for a Garden Room in Ireland?

General maintenance includes frequent checking of the exterior materials to prevent any damage from weather, as well as regular cleaning of gutters and windows. If they are made with wood, these should have some treatment applied to prevent rotting.

Are There Eco-Friendly Options for Garden Rooms?

Yes, there are ways to go green in materials such as using reclaimed wood, environmentally friendly insulation and energy-saving windows. Environmentally conscious homeowners also choose solar panels and green roofs. Here is a blog on energy efficiency in garden rooms

What is the Difference Between a Garden Room and a Conservatory?

A conservatory usually is attached to the house and largely made of glass, and it is quite different from a garden room, which is an insulated structure standing by itself with walls of greater solidity. Conservatories are enjoyable places like sun and views, while garden rooms are flexible all year spaces.

How Do I Choose a Reliable Contractor for Building a Garden Room?

Check for contractors with good press and a portfolio of garden room projects. Ask them on their qualifications, insurance and warranties they offer. Personal recommendations and local trade associations are also good sources.

What Should I Consider Before Installing a Garden Room?

Look at the function of a room, the size of your garden, access to natural light and see if you can furnish it in line with your budget. Further, consider the possibility of future changes in your needs and long-term maintenance.

Are There Legal Restrictions on What I Can Use My Garden Room For?

Yes, there are restrictions. For example, it might need planning permission if used as a permanent living space or for commercial use. It is also subject to different regulations. Special conditions should be referred to the local authorities.